Half Wrap-Up

Boomboom did really well on his half! He came in around 1:49, which is great! Kandy was the 5th woman finisher and beat her time from last year by 2 mins! Another friend, DD, PR’d and beat her best half-marathon time by a large chunk of time (maybe 11 mins?). I saw a bunch of folks from Seals, a physical training group I used to belong to, so it was quite nice to get to catch up with them.

The weather was beautiful – I think fall is finally here!

k.JPG #5 woman overall!!!!

bb-run1.JPG Run, Boomboom, run!


Good job, Boomboom! Way to finish stong!


4 responses to “Half Wrap-Up

  1. The runs in Virginia are so much more scenic than those in Houston! Joe and I may do the White Rock Marathon (Joe) and half (me)the 2nd weekend in Dec.
    I am liking your blog – let’s me peek into your day to day life and pretend we don’t live so far away!
    Congrats to John on an excellent run!

  2. learning something new from EE (don’t know you write the blog everyday and we can leave comments).

    by the way, may I ask why John’s nickname is ‘boomboom’??

  3. Mom is finally joining the 21st century! Happy October everyone!

  4. Ting determined that she preferred “BoomBoom” as my nickname over “Puff-Up”.

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