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So I gave my boss my 2 weeks’ notice yesterday.  I feel kind of like a slacker, since when people ask where I am going, my answer is “Nowhere”.  ‘Cause that is where I am headed – just to hang out and deal with all my volunteer work and play with Ruby.  Will be a nice break.  I was going to stick it out in my job until the end of the year, but I really wasn’t getting all that much out of it so Boomboom and I decided that it would be ok to call it quits.  Eventually I’d like to get back into non-profit, as that is where my heart is.

I am sure people are picturing me lying on the couch eating bonbons, but in reality, I have many MANY projects to keep me tres busy for a good while.  Crafty projects as well as things to get done around the house.

The big question is:  should I keep my house cleaner or not?  She is a little odd, but Boomboom thinks she does a good job.  I think she is worse than our last cleaning lady, but he does not.  As long as Boomboom is game, I am as well!  Clearly I’m not excited to clean bathrooms or mop floors.

The good thing is that Ruby will be so happy!  I can take her on really long walks and have more time to pay attention to her.  She will love having me around more.  And if we want, we can get another doggie!  Not sure if that is in the cards or not, but nice to have the option.

Anyway, I am excited to stop working.  My volunteer stuff is stressing me out, so it will be good to be able to spend a lot of time on it and get it under control.

I wish I had something funny and clever to put here at the end of this post.  But alas, I do not.  Read Boombooms comment’s, if you don’t already.  He should be the one blogging, as his comments are funnier than my posts!!!


My awesome friend Gretty is back from her world travels!  I am SO excited! When she got back to town, and I saw her, I just wanted to hug her a lot!  I even sent her a txt that I would hug her when I saw her.  Boomboom thought that was weird of me.  and told me not to hug her more than once when we got to her house and once when we left.  Come to think of it, she never did respond to my hug txt.

She went to Italy with her sis and some friends from college / San Fran, then to India with her sis, and then to Nepal by herself to hike the Ana Pura circuit.  She really is just so cool – she’s traveled by herself all over South America as well.  She is really well traveled.  and adventuresome!

We went to dindin tonight and decided that in the next 10 years we will go back to Nepal and hike to Everest base camp and do some other hike from there.  I am all in!  10 years gives us a lot of time! (well, she decided that she will go back in 10 years, and I am hoping to tag along!)

I could go on and on about Gretty, as she is the type of person that makes other people better people just by knowing her.  I only have 2 friends like that, Gretty and Coco.  She is just so cool, and chill, but fun and loyal and just a quality person, with a great heart.   I feel lucky to have her in my life!


The bag I designed for the LINC “It’s in the Bag” event is one of the “top 3 bags donated to the “It’s in the Bag” event” as deemed by 3 impartial judges and as such, it will be part of the live auction!  I am so excited and thrilled!  I was SO nervous about designing a bag, and now it has gotten critical acclaim!  I hope it does well in the “box office” (i.e. auction).

I think that event is this Thurs. – I need to rally some peeps to come to the auction!  or maybe I should not rally peeps – not exactly sure…  anyway, I already know that some of my friends will be there, so that is nice.


Boomboom thinks my hair iron looks like a strippers hair iron.  Do stripper iron their hair?  I guess if they did, their hair iron would look like this:


But, again, I don’t think many strippers are straightening their hair.  The red part is a little felted, which kinda adds to the oddness of the iron.  It is a Chi, and is great!  It heats up right away and has a 2″ wide iron.

Sometimes people ask me why I iron my hair, since my hair is fairly straight to begin with.  Well, the hair iron makes my hair poker straight, and very shiny – which is what I like.

We are leaving soon for Keswick. Boombom has gotten caught up in a conf call, so he is running late.  I am just glad I got to leave work early!


Fall always gets so busy!!  This week I’ve had something to do every night – and the Red Sox are going to the World Series, which means we have been and will be staying up late to watch ’em.  Sunday we went to watch the game with some friends – left early, and finished watching at home – but we were still up until around 1am!  Monday I had a SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) board happy hour – after that a couple friends and Boomboom and I went to dinner.  Well, it is restaurant week here and so the wait was long, and we got way too much food!  Of course enjoyed hanging out with Cubs and Maria, but still.  Last night I had a SCAN fundraising committee meeting and then had to leave that early to go to my last silk screen printing class.  Tonight I have a Junior League meeting and I dunno when the meeting will finish, or where my binder is!  ugh.

Fri we are going on a firm retreat for Boomboom’s work.  It will be fine, but still somewhat taxing.

I just want to take a nap!

Pure Scotch

It is finally feeling like fall!  It is not cold by any means, but at least it is not warm and humid, like it has been this past week.  Gross weather.

But today, it is clear, and the wind is blowing and it is coolish, and not humid at all. I went for a short run (my first in a few days) and it was very nice.

Last night we had Happi Appi and then we met a girl from work out for a drink.  I really like my friend from work, Suzy.  She is always laughing and smiling – good vibe to be around. We met her at a bar that is just a few blocks from our house.  A random restaurant that has a bar upstairs.  Boomboom and I had never been in, despite the close proximity.  Suzy had met the owner a couple weekends ago and I wanted to met him to see if he seemed like a nice guy (which he did).

There were 2 boys at the end of the bar – one had finished his beer and asked the 2nd one why he didn’t just down his drink. The 2nd one responded:

“Do you know what this drink is?  It is PURE SCOTCH. I can’t down PURE SCOTCH.  It is an $8 drink!!!”

So after he finished sipping his PURE SCOTCH, he slammed his glass on the bar, and finally left.

We were chuckling at the whole thing and the bartender asked us what had happened.  We told him and he started laughing,

“He wasn’t drinking pure scotch.”

Evidently the boy’s exclamations of drinking PURE SCOTCH were unfounded, as he was drinking some blended scotch whiskey.  Hehehe – he should have gotten a little bit more info.  We were all very amused.


So Thurs night I went out with some girlfriends. We had a perfectly nice evening, but when I got home, I had a bit of a meltdown. I think I haven’t gotten enough sleep and just have been very busy – also, one of the gals at dinner mentioned the tragedy. It still takes my breath away and causes tears to prick at my eyes.  I know it happened months ago and likely I should be over it by now, but I am not.  It is one thing that has really changed the way I am.

Anyway, Thurs night was not a good night.  I cried and cried, and felt bad that I was crying, and felt bad that Boomboom had to deal with such a crazy.  He says he knew what he was signing up for 🙂  what a good guy.  I was just so sad.  and the wine likely didn’t help.

So Friday I went into work, but was very tired and felt out of sorts. I left around 1pm, and went home.  Took a nap and felt much better.

Sorry, Boomboom to be such a crazy.  Thanks for being such a good hubby!