Mr. Chair

I am taking an art class this fall – silk screen printing. I really am enjoying it! My teacher is quirky and nice, like art teachers should be. She clearly has a passion for screen printing, which is great. Last class (we meet once a week) I printed my first screen. And it was awesome (the printing process, not my design) – after each pull over the screen, the print looked exactly like the last one, but each time it still surprised me and took my breath away a little bit. So I can see why my teacher loves it so much.

I’ll be able to take my prints from last week home, and I’ll post one up here! Likely you won’t be as excited as I was, but hopefully you will like Mr. Chair as much as I do.


2 responses to “Mr. Chair

  1. Tingaling –

    I am highly excited about Mr. Chair as I always am about all of your art work. We must frame it and put it in a place of honor. I think you are one of the most talented people I have ever met and am sure that Mr. Chair will be beyond compare.

    – BoomBoom

    p.s. BoomBoom was a joke nickname from my football days that Tingaling has clung onto and has decided was a funny way to reference me among her friends. I put up with Tingaling’s antics because she is cute and I love her.

    p.p.s What is wrong with Yarborough as a blog nickname?

  2. I don’t get the Mr. Chair thing. Is that the name of your print?

    Yarbs (Yarborough is too long to type!)

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