Here is Mr. Chair!  Bad photos – but I will try to scan and upload tomorrow.

chair2.JPGThis shows the lovely silver ink.

chair1.JPG This is my actual print (same one as above!  Just no flash…)


5 responses to “So…

  1. Coolio! Good morning sunshine!

  2. Big fan of Mr. Chair. If I had a home office I would hand it on the wall there. Maybe we can put it in the middle bedroom. The whitewalls need a little color. Although we could keep it empty like it is now and put Yarbs in a straight jacket and lock her in the middle room next time she visits.

  3. Marm – Sorry I was on the coach again last night. It is extremely comfortable and reminds me of you when you are not at home. I will try to resist the urge to jump the baricade and get back on it today. I can’t make any promises 😉

  4. BoomBoom is not very nice! (But he is kind of funny.)

  5. What up Tingaling? Knowing that you are reading my blog has made me attempt to be more interesting. We’ll see if it works! 😉

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