Favs (non-comprehensive)


  • Boomboom
  • Yarbs
  • Marm & Dad
  • Colette
  • Al
  • Gretty

Things to Eat:

  • Crabcakes
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Cukes
  • Manchego
  • Almond M&Ms

Things I Purchase:

  • shoes
  • little bags
  • big bags
  • cake plates
  • paper products

Time of Day:

  • In the morning before other people are awake and moving about
  • Right before bedtime when Boomboom makes me laugh


  • Post-grad trip with Yarbs to Germany, Greece (mainly Greek islands), Egypt (least fav part of trip) and southern Africa (Botswana & Zimbabwe
  • Boomboom cracking up on family trips (“Have you ever beeeeen to Abilene?”; “What is smoothie?”)
  • Marm telling me I was just as smart as Yarbs
  • Seeing Boomboom at finish line of Atacama Crossing
  • Swimming with Dad at the university pool


  • Ruby
  • Jingle Jangles

I’ll try to post something more interesting and coherent tomorrow. and of course more photos…


3 responses to “Favs (non-comprehensive)

  1. Who is Jingle Jangles? Have a great day! I am glad it’s Friday and I have the WHOLE weekend off! Talk to you soon-

  2. I believe this list requires some extensive revisions. Off the top of my head I would add to foods (1) Mother-in-Laws Baked Stuffed Lobster. Things to buy I would add (1) Black Pants and (2) Black tops. You have so many of these, but just keep on buying. If you ever decide to start a career as a Mime you have sufficient wardrobe. Time of Day I would add (1) When you nap on couch with Ruby. More later.

  3. Boomboom – I would whole heartedly agree with your edits. I was tres tired last night when I was compiling…

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