We had a good time last night! Great news, Kandy and Jams are engaged! At 547pm, I get a txt: “Jams just proposed. We’ll be a little late to fur ball.” WHA?! Very exciting, even via text!

So this is how the proposal went down:

Kandy, just had gotten out of the shower, hair mussed.

“Got a sec?” – Jams

“For what?” – Kandy

“Here!” Jams excitedly thrusts the open ring box towards Kandy

Literally, that is what happened! Awesome.

I brought my camera to Fur Ball, but unfort, forgot to put the battery in that I was charging just for the first night of BTS (Black Tie Season). Anyway, all the decorations (and invitation) and favors were green and pink! So cute!


And the Kugle Ball was very fun as well! A fun band and lots of dancing going on. Our cute, fun friends were there with us! Yay!


And Boomboom and I:


What a good lookin’ couple šŸ˜‰

Now the balls of my feet are a little sore. But Boomboom got us scones and coffee this morn (well, soy chai extra hot for me), which helps. Feet up helps as well.


2 responses to “Post-Parties

  1. BoomBoom looks very festive and happy! And your hair looks great – you must have washed it ;)! For your next event you should take a full length photo of your outfits!

  2. Fun was had by all. The Fur Ball ran a little longer than I would have liked and I would prefer if they could incorporate more entertainment and less speakers. The band at the Science Ball was pretty good with the exception of the guy who thought he was Bobby Brown. I guess I can’t blame him for it is really his perogative to be who he wants to be.

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