Tonight is the start of Black Tie season for Boomboom and I. and we are starting it off with a bang – 2 in one night! First, from 6-10pm is the Fur Ball, benefiting our 4-legged furry friends, and then from 10pm – 1am is the Kugel Ball, benefiting the Science Museum.

Not last year but the year before (so 2005 – 06), from Nov to May, Boomboom and I went to at least 1 black tie event a month. Last year we toned it down a bit – and this year as well! I turned down a BTE in Nov (it was the weekend right after our first BTE in Nov) and was quite proud of myself.

So, we’ll be dining with Kandy and Jams and the meeting up with some of the peeps. Should be a good time!

Oh – I needle pointed the clutch I will be using tonight and got Boomboom a new cumberbund and tie set – red with skulls and crossbones! i will really try to post photos tomorrow!

Take a look at my clutch (I *HEART* it so much!):



One response to “Season

  1. You are such the social butterflies! Have fun!

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