Recently I have really been into sewing. After I designed my purse for the auction, I have been sewing up a storm during the weekends (’cause I need at least 2 hours to make it worth it). I’ve made little bags, and bigger bags – all very cute, I think! and they are all lined, which is nice. Most are from an Amy Butler pattern – I like her stuff! and her instructions are good.

Check out my bags:

img_1497.JPG Mini-coin purse. Love the outer green fabric, as it isn’t too heavy and has a good body to it.

img_1499.JPG Wristlet. Has ribbon detailing and ribbon handle. img_1502.JPG

img_1505.JPG Same as above, but different fabric (light blue with brown and white grommet pattern).img_1506.JPG

img_1507.JPG Wristlet with 2 different fabrics. Handle is same as upper fabric.img_1508.JPG

img_1500.JPG Flat little bag (not Amy Butler pattern). Ribbon detailing. img_1501.JPG

Boomboom affectionately calls all of my crafty activities that use a needle “Stitch & Bitch”.

I am not sure what I am going to do with all these little bags… sell ’em (on etsy)?  Give away as gifts? Dunno yet…


2 responses to “S&B

  1. You should start an etsy store. Cute stuff! Did you know Amy Butler has scrappin’ stuff? I have a set of her papers – they are too cute!

  2. Please make 2 more bags ASAP STAT. You definitely want to make sure you have 7 to cover you for the entire week. If you could make me one out of pita bread and stuff it with lobster salad I will take it to work tomorrow for lunch. LYH!

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