One of my favorite person in the whole wide world is my sissy, Yarb.  Sister pairs that live in the same city /state and don’t hang out all the time baffle me!  And the fact that they don’t realize how lucky they are is also somewhat amazing.  But the ones that don’t really get along or like each other – those are the sisters I really feel sorry for.

y-in-tree.JPG Here she is in a Cosa Rican tree.

To this day, Yarb is the only person I actually like shopping with.

Our relationship is great because she is fairly laid back and I am more “particular” about things.  Some people would call it high maintenance, but I just like things a certain way.

She has made me numerous excellent scrapbooks.  I love looking at them – both because they are so well done and also because it reminds me of someone who loves me.  Scrappin’ is her hobby – I’ve kinda gotten into it, but I enjoy purchasing scrappin’ products  sometimes more than the execution of producing scrap book pages.

She is also gotten very good at yogi.  I am still very un-flexible and she has impressed me with her flexibility.

She has one eye that is larger then the other.  Only really noticeable in photos, it is always something we joke about.

I remember when I was younger I always wanted to dress like her, then somewhere along the way I grew up and now we have very different styles.  Somethings she loves I would never wear and vice versa.  I bet she’d say I am prepster.  I think I likely am, but a lot of that has to do with living on the east coast.

Funny, Boomboom has Bruce Springsteen blaring and I think he just sang a line that started with “Me and my sister…”  yes, ol’ Bruce and I, we both love our sisters!


2 responses to “Yarb

  1. Thanks Tinger! We are definitely lucky to get along so well and be so close. I can’t imagine life without my baby sissy! I love you more than you know.

  2. Yarbs is pretty pretty good.

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