More S&B

I also love needlepointing.  I told my co-worker that and she wrinkled her nose, as she was thinking of cheesy old lady needlepointing.  Well, that is not the needlepointing that I do.  I design my own canvases (so I don’t have to needlepoint cheesy old lady patterns) on the computer, draw the design onto the canvas, paint the canvas and then needlepoint the pattern.  Then I take it to Jermie’s and they send it off to be finished.

blank-canvas.jpg Blank canvas.

blk-flower-canvas-completed.jpg Completed canvas.

clutch.JPG  And here is the finished purse!

I  love needlepointing when I am watching tv – makes me feel like I am being productive 🙂 instead of just watching tv. But to get a needlepoint project started takes kinda a long time.  So many steps.  So I don’t currently have a needlepoint project going.

Now I can and often do blog whilst watching tv.   Like Yarb said today when we talked “What else is going on?  I guess I just need to check your blog!”


2 responses to “More S&B

  1. That is great. You know what I like to do when I watch TV? Watch TV! Later Little Goober McCrabby!

  2. What’s up Tingaling? You haven’t updated in a couple days…me either. I will try to think of something witty for tomorrow! oxox

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