Class… sewing…

So I am taking a sewing class on Wed nights. Our project is to make a skirt. Most of the other students haven’t sewn before, so tonight’s class was a little bit basic for me. I don’t mind so much, as the main reason I wanted to take this class is to be able to read and understand patterns and to do an apparel project (for full sized people), which I have never done.

The teacher, History, is majorly quirky. I like that about her – but I am not sure she likes me. She is really nice to everyone, so I am thinking she had to be faking it towards someone. Oh well, at least I am learning something new!

My skirt fabric is a fine wale corduroy. I don’t even wear skirts, but oh well. I am thinking I’d like to make a wool poncho next. Maybe out of nice, wool felt. or a tweed.

I have a few craft books and really love Amy Butler. I am very tempted to get her new craft book, but I am going to resist. I did just download some free patterns off her website.

in_stitches_anchor.jpg This is her craft book that I currently have.

btrs.jpglotta.JPG These are the other two craft books that I have. I enjoy them as well, but not as much as Amy Butler.

I also need lots more fabric! I love Japanese kiddie fabric (and asked Boomboom if we could go to Japan so I could purch some for myself – he rejected that idea) and, of course, amy butler fabric. We are going to Cville in 2 weeks and I am already planning on doing some fabric shopping. I know that makes me sound really old and boring, but I am really enjoying my sewing these days!

There are 2 quilting stores here in town that I have never been to, so I may try to check them out. Again, makes me sound old and country, which i am neither (definitely NOT country, at least). But I do love beautiful, modern quilts. at least modern fabrics and designs.

I am thinking I will make pot holders for my sisters in law for xmas. Highly exciting, I know, but I am excited for that project! From Lotta’s book (and I think Bend the Rules Sewing, as well). and the SILs like to cook, as does the MIL. And I am thinking that would make a good housewarming gift, perhaps with some matching napkins or tea towels or coaster (all also projects I have on the back burner).

Am I really that person now? The dorky sew-er? Oh well, I like it, so that is good enough 😉

Ah – so many projects, so little time!


2 responses to “Class… sewing…

  1. Sewing is a good thing! I’d love to learn but do not have time for another hobby. Besides, Joe would probably shoot me if I bought a sewing machine – where would we put it! Which books did you want – Santa needs to know 🙂

  2. Hello it was an absolute pleasure to come across, and read your blog. You really have some interesting information that I will have to share with my wife. If your ever looking for fabrics Lauren & I would be more than willing to help. Just let us know. Have a great evening.

    Josh & Lauren

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