So last night I didn’t get much sleep.  I haven’t been exercising as much the past few months, and Boomboom was out of town last night – I am turning into that girl… who can’t sleep well when her partner is not in bed!  ugh – that has never been me.

And Ruby was only adding to the sleep issues.  She cried outside the room for a bit when I first went to bed, then she went to sleep.  Then, around 230am, she came back to the outside of the room and started crying again.  So I got up, took her down stairs and let her out.  She immediately ran out and went poo.  I felt bad, ’cause she really had to go, evidently.

Anyway, when I got back into be, Ruby started crying again.  I had to reprimand her as I  knew she didn’t need to go out.  I finally fell back asleep, but was unable to get up early to run.

Now Boomboom’s flight is delayed, so he doesn’t know when he will be home.  So I dunno if I should wait up for him or try to go to sleep.  Ugh, I do want to definitely want to run tomorrow morning!

As a side note, I tried to make 2 stuffed turtles with my sewing machine – they did not come  out as well as I would have hoped.  I guess I will stick to little bags.


3 responses to “Ugh

  1. That stinks! I hate not being able to fall asleep, esp when the bed is empty. I find that when Joe is out of town I tend to go to be a lot later and I like to keep pillows on his side to simulate a person being there!
    Hopefully he’ll be home tonight and you will make up for lack of sleep.

  2. Boom got in at 4:00 AM and Tingaling was fast asleep. Fortunately for me she was nice when I got into bed. Long night. I am hurting right now. Great way to ring in 35!!

  3. Happy Birthday BoomBoom! (Tingaling please pass on the message)

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