Capitol of Maryland

Boomboom and I went to Annapolis to celebrate his birthday. We went locally, as 95N can be a bear sometimes. Just never know, so we decided not to risk it. So we drove through places I had randomly heard of, but never knew where they were – Atlee, Caroline County, Waldorf, to name a few. We were able to check out the Naval Academy – sterile, pretty place that reminded me of Washington, DC – federal buildings. The one thing that really stood out to me was the quietness – it was nearly silent! Didn’t seem like it would be a very fun place to go to college. And all the students have to wear unis off campus, which includes a hat! Definitely not for me.

We stayed at the Westin – nice as it had only been open for 2 months. And I like the Westin brand. The weather was amazing – bright and sunny, but not too hot.

We got a great crab platter. and I found some great flats – they didn’t have my size, but I found them online and placed my order tonight!

I hope Boomboom had a good time. I had been trying to think of where we could go – somewhere within driving distance. and Annapolis is what I came up with. It is a cute town – reminds me a little of Nantucket. Not as cute, but similar.

I will try to post photos tomorrow!


2 responses to “Capitol of Maryland

  1. Road trips are always fun. Too bad in Texas they mean driving at least 4 hours to get anywhere! I hope you guys had a great weekend and I will call soon!

  2. I had a great time this weekend. It was nice to get some quiet alone time with Tingaling. The drive was not all that bad and it gave us the chance to catch up and talk. Feel like things have been going at a fast pace as of late. The weather was great and we had a really fun time just nosing around and talking. I enjoyed dinner a lot, especially the window seat. I loved all the gifts that Tinger gave me and had fun on our run together on Sunday. All in all – pretty much a prefect little weekend.

    Love – BB

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