Annapolis Pics

Here are some lovely photos from Boomboom’s Bday weekend in Annapolis:


Annapolis waterfront from the Naval Academy. There was a boat show in town, not sure if there are always so many boats…


Boomboom & I – our self portrait!


The crab platter we bought. Very cute. The MIL has a really cute crab pot, so this is reminiscent of it…


2 responses to “Annapolis Pics

  1. That’s a cute pic of you two! It could be a Christmas photo! Speaking of, are we (and by that I mean you) designing our Christmas cards this year?

  2. Tinger and I discussed smae the other day. I think T committed to doing the x-mas cards we just need to get a coolio picture of the 2 of us somewhere fun to base the card on. You and Joe should do the same if you don’t have already. Hope all is well.

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