Puff up

Boomboom is training for the Austin Marathon in Feb 2008.  He definitely is no longer puff up.  He is actually rather pencil thin these days.  I am very proud of him – he’s been eating well and exercising a lot!  And a couple friends have even told me he definitely does not need to lose any more weight.  I hope he actually puts a couple LBs on – in muscle, of course.  He complains I am hard to please, before – when he was puff up, I would call him Fatty and demand that he lose weight.  Now that he is very thin, I call him Pencil Thin and ask him to gain some weight.  Yes, I am a fickle one.

I am really excited for his marathon!  We are staying at the Hotel San Jose – all my friends who live in Austin and other peeps that have visited really recommend HSJ.  So that will be good to be staying somewhere cool.  Trying to get Yarb and Josephino (her hubby) to come as well.  Josephino is thinking about doing the race as well.  I hope they do decide to come and hang out in Austin with us!


3 responses to “Puff up

  1. Do you know where the hotel is? I will show it to Joe. We may stay at the Hilton cause we can get a cheaper rate. I think we will come up Sat and just stay one night. Joe is not sure if he is going to do the marathon because he is doing White Rock in Dec and Houston in Jan. He may just do the half. Did you want to run at all or are you just spectating? If you are just spectating then I won’t run either.

  2. p.s. how is the POTD coming along? It’s hard to take photos everyday, but it makes you look at things in a different way. If you want I can think of things for us to take pics of and we can just post them when we have time (i.e. not have to post each picture everyday).

    p.p.s. John is definitely not Puff up! I think he looks great! He and Joe are going to be the slimmest ones over Thanksgiving, that’s for sure!

  3. The HSJ is at 1316 Congress so I think not too far from the start and finish of the race. I think the Hyatt is the official race hotel, but not sure that matters. Just need to get more commitment to getting out of bed in the AM to train so I don’t have to do it at night. Hopefully the course isn’t too too hilly, but they have not posted the course as of yet. Look forward to seeing everyone over TG break.

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