Pure Scotch

It is finally feeling like fall!  It is not cold by any means, but at least it is not warm and humid, like it has been this past week.  Gross weather.

But today, it is clear, and the wind is blowing and it is coolish, and not humid at all. I went for a short run (my first in a few days) and it was very nice.

Last night we had Happi Appi and then we met a girl from work out for a drink.  I really like my friend from work, Suzy.  She is always laughing and smiling – good vibe to be around. We met her at a bar that is just a few blocks from our house.  A random restaurant that has a bar upstairs.  Boomboom and I had never been in, despite the close proximity.  Suzy had met the owner a couple weekends ago and I wanted to met him to see if he seemed like a nice guy (which he did).

There were 2 boys at the end of the bar – one had finished his beer and asked the 2nd one why he didn’t just down his drink. The 2nd one responded:

“Do you know what this drink is?  It is PURE SCOTCH. I can’t down PURE SCOTCH.  It is an $8 drink!!!”

So after he finished sipping his PURE SCOTCH, he slammed his glass on the bar, and finally left.

We were chuckling at the whole thing and the bartender asked us what had happened.  We told him and he started laughing,

“He wasn’t drinking pure scotch.”

Evidently the boy’s exclamations of drinking PURE SCOTCH were unfounded, as he was drinking some blended scotch whiskey.  Hehehe – he should have gotten a little bit more info.  We were all very amused.


2 responses to “Pure Scotch

  1. Ting has always been impressed with pure scotch drinkers. I think I saw her wink at the guy as he was bragging about his $8 drink.

  2. I don’t get it. Was he mad because the drink was too strong or because it was $8?

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