Fall always gets so busy!!  This week I’ve had something to do every night – and the Red Sox are going to the World Series, which means we have been and will be staying up late to watch ’em.  Sunday we went to watch the game with some friends – left early, and finished watching at home – but we were still up until around 1am!  Monday I had a SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) board happy hour – after that a couple friends and Boomboom and I went to dinner.  Well, it is restaurant week here and so the wait was long, and we got way too much food!  Of course enjoyed hanging out with Cubs and Maria, but still.  Last night I had a SCAN fundraising committee meeting and then had to leave that early to go to my last silk screen printing class.  Tonight I have a Junior League meeting and I dunno when the meeting will finish, or where my binder is!  ugh.

Fri we are going on a firm retreat for Boomboom’s work.  It will be fine, but still somewhat taxing.

I just want to take a nap!


One response to “Busy

  1. Sounds crazy! Try not to get sick, li’l sis!

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