Boomboom thinks my hair iron looks like a strippers hair iron.  Do stripper iron their hair?  I guess if they did, their hair iron would look like this:


But, again, I don’t think many strippers are straightening their hair.  The red part is a little felted, which kinda adds to the oddness of the iron.  It is a Chi, and is great!  It heats up right away and has a 2″ wide iron.

Sometimes people ask me why I iron my hair, since my hair is fairly straight to begin with.  Well, the hair iron makes my hair poker straight, and very shiny – which is what I like.

We are leaving soon for Keswick. Boombom has gotten caught up in a conf call, so he is running late.  I am just glad I got to leave work early!


2 responses to “Iron

  1. BoomBoom has odd little thoughts sometimes! Have a good trip!

  2. BoomBoom has totally rational thoughts all of the time. That hair iron was a prop from the set of Showgirls.

    However, it does work well on Tingaling’s hair. I do some times worry though that it could cause permanent damage to your hair. Does your hair really need to be that straight and shiny? Sometimes when I turn the iron on too high and iron my shirt. It makes my shirt shiny because it has burned the material.

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