The bag I designed for the LINC “It’s in the Bag” event is one of the “top 3 bags donated to the “It’s in the Bag” event” as deemed by 3 impartial judges and as such, it will be part of the live auction!  I am so excited and thrilled!  I was SO nervous about designing a bag, and now it has gotten critical acclaim!  I hope it does well in the “box office” (i.e. auction).

I think that event is this Thurs. – I need to rally some peeps to come to the auction!  or maybe I should not rally peeps – not exactly sure…  anyway, I already know that some of my friends will be there, so that is nice.


2 responses to “Auction

  1. Rally the peeps and don’t be so modest. It is the cutest and freshest bowling ball bag I have ever seen and people will love it. Who ever bids the highest will be the absolute talk of their bowling league. You are the bestest. BBB

  2. Congrats Tinger! Is this your new calling?

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