My awesome friend Gretty is back from her world travels!  I am SO excited! When she got back to town, and I saw her, I just wanted to hug her a lot!  I even sent her a txt that I would hug her when I saw her.  Boomboom thought that was weird of me.  and told me not to hug her more than once when we got to her house and once when we left.  Come to think of it, she never did respond to my hug txt.

She went to Italy with her sis and some friends from college / San Fran, then to India with her sis, and then to Nepal by herself to hike the Ana Pura circuit.  She really is just so cool – she’s traveled by herself all over South America as well.  She is really well traveled.  and adventuresome!

We went to dindin tonight and decided that in the next 10 years we will go back to Nepal and hike to Everest base camp and do some other hike from there.  I am all in!  10 years gives us a lot of time! (well, she decided that she will go back in 10 years, and I am hoping to tag along!)

I could go on and on about Gretty, as she is the type of person that makes other people better people just by knowing her.  I only have 2 friends like that, Gretty and Coco.  She is just so cool, and chill, but fun and loyal and just a quality person, with a great heart.   I feel lucky to have her in my life!


2 responses to “Gretty

  1. I agree – Gretchen is a very cool girl. Tell her I said “hi!”

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