So I gave my boss my 2 weeks’ notice yesterday.  I feel kind of like a slacker, since when people ask where I am going, my answer is “Nowhere”.  ‘Cause that is where I am headed – just to hang out and deal with all my volunteer work and play with Ruby.  Will be a nice break.  I was going to stick it out in my job until the end of the year, but I really wasn’t getting all that much out of it so Boomboom and I decided that it would be ok to call it quits.  Eventually I’d like to get back into non-profit, as that is where my heart is.

I am sure people are picturing me lying on the couch eating bonbons, but in reality, I have many MANY projects to keep me tres busy for a good while.  Crafty projects as well as things to get done around the house.

The big question is:  should I keep my house cleaner or not?  She is a little odd, but Boomboom thinks she does a good job.  I think she is worse than our last cleaning lady, but he does not.  As long as Boomboom is game, I am as well!  Clearly I’m not excited to clean bathrooms or mop floors.

The good thing is that Ruby will be so happy!  I can take her on really long walks and have more time to pay attention to her.  She will love having me around more.  And if we want, we can get another doggie!  Not sure if that is in the cards or not, but nice to have the option.

Anyway, I am excited to stop working.  My volunteer stuff is stressing me out, so it will be good to be able to spend a lot of time on it and get it under control.

I wish I had something funny and clever to put here at the end of this post.  But alas, I do not.  Read Boombooms comment’s, if you don’t already.  He should be the one blogging, as his comments are funnier than my posts!!!


2 responses to “Notice

  1. Lucky girl! I wish I could give my two weeks notice!

  2. BoomBoom has never met the cleaning lady so I can not verify her oddness. I am surprised however since Tingaling is odd and is more often than not attracted to odd folks. I am happy that you are leaving the job and that you can focus more intently on things that make ya happy. The projects also make me happy as I love unique things that no one else has as decorations in the house. The things you make are cool and we do need a few more things taken care of around the house so this should be good.

    More importantly I do think that this will be great for Ruby. I just feel like she is off lately and having you around more should help her get back into her routine.


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