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My Pal Al

Boomboom and I got to spend some time last night with one of my oldest BF’s – Al. I’ve know this crazy cat since the 7th grade! Now that is a long time. She and her fiancee, Park, are spending Turkey Day in KC, but since we were in Tex-@ss so early, we caught them before they left. We saw their house last night for the first time – so cute! and in the *heart* of Dallas, which is great!

Al did a bunch of show-n-tell with me – she is Bridezilla, minus the zilla! I loved seeing all of it – the fur stole with her new name and wedding date monogrammed inside in blue, her tiera (which i tried on), point-n-click photos from her bridal portrait session, the beautifully calligrapher-ed enveloped, I loved all of it! Also loved meeting the dogs, Captain and Tenille 😉 Just kidding, Captain and Chopper. Capt’n is a 5 pound Pomeranian! A good solid 5 lbs, and he has a really cute face! and fluffy fur that reminds me of a teddy bear!

We are going on a cruise in Jan for her bachlorette party – I am not a huge fan of cruises, but I am excited to spend time with her and her other bridesmaids! (Incidentally, my first cruise ever was with Al, and I told her afterwards, “I’ll go on one more cruise for your bachlorette party, and then never again.” When she got engaged, she called me and said “You excited and ready to go on your last cruise ever?!”)

But what I REALLY loved was seeing how happy happy HAPPY Al is! And how much she loves Park and how much he loves her. And that all the years of drama in her life all paid off, as you know, you have to kiss many frogs to find your prince! and she certainly has – I am just thrilled for the both of them! (Boomboom likes Park a lot, so that is awesome!)

Al – you know I love ya and am just so excited to see you so happy and getting married!!!

Photos below (not from last night) – ones of the humans are from last fall, another CDS friend’s wedding.

img_0844.jpg We are way too cute!

img_0842.jpg Yay – maybe we can someday go on double dates!

arrhappy-halloween.jpg No comments needed!


We got home to Texas last night around 9pm.  The flight was not crowded – which was great!  We were in a 3 seat section, just the two of us – I felt like we had won the lottery!  We always seem to be in 3 seat sections with another person, even if the flight is not full.

In the middle of the night, I awoke due to not being able to swallow.  I always forget how dry it is here, and my sandpaper throat reminded me late last night of why I need to drink lots of water when I am here, especially after the flight down.

This morning, Marm went to work out around 830am.  At 11am, I started to get worried, and very hungry.  I felt like Boomboom and I were little baby birds, waiting for mama bird to return to feed us.  We finally went down stairs, and mama bird had all the provisions out for us!  Bread, cooked eggs, fresh juice – it was great!

When Marm came home around 1130am, she was starved – and who wouldn’t be, after working out for 3 hours!  So she made herself a salad – romaine, cheese, turkey, turkey pastrami and half a banana.  It was leftover, so why wouldn’t she put a banana into her salad?!  Very odd, but she said tasty – so that is all that matters.

Sometimes I wonder if I will turn into Marm as I get older – and I realize that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Copy cat

On Thursday night, I had an ART180 donor appreciation / cultivation event to attend. My friend, Ad, brought his wife – and she was just so cute and stylish! I loved her outfit, so demanded to know where she got it. To my surprise, it was from Forever 21 and Target! So yesterday, I went out and recreated the outfit for myself! I did tell her I was going to do so, so as not to be too Single White Female-esque.

I wore the outfit last night to a friend’s surprise bday party. My friends were all astounded at how cute I looked! and, also astounded, as it was a shift! so dress like! and i wore leggings, so felt very trendy and fashionable. Hehehe – I am good at copying! The shirt I wore under the shift had major bell sleeves, so Boomboom thought I looked like either a nun or Pilgrim. I really enjoyed the outfit, all black of course – and it was super comfy – so I will be busting it out at all the upcoming events that I can!

Not sure if I should take my friends astonishment as a compliment or be offended. Guess I am always the one in jeans and very casual, so good that I am making a bit more of an effort. Gretty – beware, you can’t depend on me to be the least dressed up one in the room anymore! Unless, of course, the event is a black tie event – as we all know, I am always “casual black tie”.

Ze Purple Wizard!

This past spring, we bought Ruby a new, mac daddy bed and blanket.  The blanket was on sale, hence the purple color. But it is SUPER soft and cozy.  We tried to give it to Ruby when we first bought it, but she rejected it.  Probably had something to do with the extreme heat and so she didn’t want to continue to sweat when she laid in her bed.

This fall, I busted out the little purple blanket and started using it as my own.  Well, Ruby did not appreciate that at all!  Very tacky, she said, to give a gift and them take it back.

So the purple blanket is back with it’s rightful owner, Little Miss Ruby.  and she LOVES it.  She literally will sleep all night on her mac daddy bed, covered in the blanket.  She never jumps on the couch or tries to come into bed with us.  She is happy as a clam, now that she is ze purple wizard!

Check her out – she kinda reminds me of a rap star…




We’ve lived in our old house (built in 1911) for 4 and a half years.  Basically none of the upstairs doors have knobs or if they do, they don’t work.  I was getting ready for supper club last night, Boomboom came home, puttered about in the basement and was upstairs for maybe 5 minutes.

“Come up here.”

I go upstairs.   He is grinning widely and proudly opening a shutting  the middle bedroom door – and the knob works!  It latches!  and even the lock works!

I am literally speechless.  My mouth is open, flies are flying in and out.

“I can’t believe we have lived here nearly 5 years, and it only took you 5 minutes to get the knob working.  Why didn’t you do this 4.5 years ago?”

“Oh, well, I had to take pieces and parts – knob from front bedroom door, latch from who-knows-where – to make it all come together for the middle bedroom door.”

I am still a little astounded.  Not that I am not grateful that the door now works, but just that it wasn’t a huge, day long ordeal with lots of cursing and yelling – that it only took a mere 5 minutes.  Everytime I go upstairs and have to use the know to get into the middle bedroom, it surprises me.

And when I go to the top of the stairs, and see the middle door closed, the back door rigged shut and the front room door barricaded with the yoga ball and box, I feel sad for little Ruby.  Her bed is in the hallway – good thing she has taken to her downstairs bed and new blanket.  Long live the Purple Wizard!

Last Day

Today was my last day at work.  Uneventful, as most everyone was off-site for training.  My fav co-worker, Tucker, was the one who introduced me to blogs.  And now I am hooked and even write one myself!  Even funnier, we both picked the same WordPress template, unknowingly!  Anyway, she does not work on Fridays, so it was just me and the 45-year-old new guy.  We ended up going to lunch, together.

Point being, I slipped out a little early, and the ending was just like leaving any other day.  Which I like – not having to deal with a lot of good-byes and /or drama.

I am excited for my new found freedom!  But I don’t think I will really be able to enjoy it, as my weekend and most of next week is already jam-packed.  Oh well, soon enough.

The Big Easy


When we finally arrived into New Orleans (via Memphis), I was super tired and maybe a little hung over. We stayed at the Ritz (very froufrou, but nice enough) right in the French Quarter. Good location, as we could walk to a lot of places!

The church was so quaint – S had gone to school there from 5th – 12th grades! We got there an hour early, as the instructions told us to “*Arrive early for a seat” – and even being that early, C’s side of the church was already half full! S looked beautiful in her dress – rumor has it that she designed it herself! And the priest that married C&S also married S’s parents – I love that! Such a great sense of history.


I love wedding cake! To look at and to eat! Yummy!

We took a tour of the city – there is actually a lot to do and see outside of drinking and what I saw as a college student!

img_1542.jpg img_1543.jpg img_1546.jpg Love the ferns and iron!

Luckily on Sunday night when the Pats played, they won!!! Despite all the horrible officiating – seemed like the referees wanted the Colts to win. Sadly, I have gotten into New England sports – I definately prefer football to baseball – I guess the nearly 5 years we have been married, something has rubbed off on me from Boomboom.

We also had to visit an iconic spot:

img_1547.jpg img_1550.jpg

I didn’t really remember what beignets tasted like, but after our mega order, I did! and they made me feel not so hot.

img_1548.jpg Isn’t Boomboom cute?! Love him 🙂