I definitely know that I have an awesome hubby. Boomboom was quite the trooper last night! He was one of maybe a handful of males at the purse auction – and he didn’t complain or anything! The event drew quite a crowd – and most folks I didn’t recognize. A lot of times charity events draw some of the usual suspects, so I was impressed that this was a whole new crowd! and it was crowded.

My purse was the first one on the live auction block – unfort, it was a little hard to hear in the venue and seemed like there was lots of commotion, not too many folks paying attention. Boomboom had the winning bid of $300 – lucky man!!! And I felt very lucky to have some friends at the event – solely there because of me.

It was a great learning experience – about constructing a purse, about how different charity events are run, about what LINC does and how cancer can affect so much of your life when you are diagnosed with it.

One of the judges that selected my purse to be one of the 3 live auction purses came up to me and told me she really liked my purse, that it was very well constructed and beautiful. That was really awesome, as this lady is literally an icon in Richmond. She is so daring in the fashion arena – I always love what she is wearing, as it is always something very stylish but outlandish at the same time. and she wears everything fearlessly – which is really the best part! She totally rox, esp. in a town where most people try to look the same. So that meant a lot to me. She is also the pres of the board of the major art museum in town – so I feel like we could be kindred spirits (except that I am not nearly as fashionable as her, but I have some time to try to catch up!).


One response to “Awesome

  1. I was highly impressed with the nod of recognition that Tingaling received from the fashion forward judge. Moreover, everyone in attendance made note of Ting’s purse as being the most stylish and fashionable in the show. I am glad that I won a Tingaling original, but unfortunately it is a little flashy for me to carry myself. I will get quite a bit of enjoyment however out of seeing Tingaling get good use out of the purse.

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