I ordered some labels off Etsy and was really rather worried. These labels were being shipped from somewhere half way across the world. After I paid, I thought to myself, I may have just thrown away $30. And then I heard nothing. Birds chirping. I emailed the seller, and he responded! I was amazed. and now I have my labels!!! and they totally rock! I know I am likely way to excited about these labels, but they are WOVEN labels, and 200 only cost me $30!!!!!


How great are those labels?! The top one is the the front (duh) and the bottom one is the back – showing that they are indeed WOVEN!!! I am just thrilled with them! and they were cheep cheep!

I was talking with Boomboom last night about these labels, and how cheap they were, even though they came all the way (likely straight from the factory) from Bangladesh, and singing the praises of the Internet and how it has made the world so much smaller. He did point out that due to their low cost, they may have been produced by child laborers. Ugh – but at least I didn’t buy from a middle man… had to tell myself something to make me feel better.

The way they were packaged – I really wish I had taken a photo of the package before I took a seam ripper to it. Yes, indeed, they were stitched up in muslin, with my address written right on the fabric! and then wrapped on the outside with clear packing tape and on the inside with a newspaper written in Hindi (?). Looked like a prop from an Indiana Jones movie. I think have have all the components of the packaging, so I will try to recreate sometime and put up a pic.

So – what am I going to do with all these said lovely labels, you ask? Sew them into everything I make (and have made still in my possession) – all the little bags I make and the tea towels I embroider. They will all have my label on ’em! Wooooooot Wooooooot!


2 responses to “Labels

  1. Those are way cute! Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Wohoo! Very exciting . . . my only concern is that you didn’t order enough – you, the creative genius, will run through 200 VERY quickly!!!

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