Star Twin

Friday was the Children’s Hospital Ball at THE country club here in town. It is fun to see what you can see at the Ball – it is always a scene! And it is always packed – which is half the fun. The Junior Board of the Children’s Hospital works all year to put on this really great event that brings in a LOT of mola for the Children’s Hospital.

Anyway, I was mixing and mingling with my friends, drinking some vino. When I noticed my glass was empty, I decided to go to the bar for a refill. I walked up to the bartender, smiled and held out my empty wine glass. The bartender didn’t take my glass, he just stood there – staring at me. I smiled again, and said, “May I have more red wine?”

He continued to stare and that is when I started thinking a boogey was on my face or smeared on my shirt when he says, “It’s just that… it’s just that you look so much like her!!! Like Lucy Lui!!!”

“Thanks, I take that as a compliment.”

He then finally takes my glass and basically fills it to the brim with red wine.

I proceed to polish off that humongous glass of wine, and definitely regret it the next morning when I awake at 5am after 4 hours of sleep to jet off to the Big Easy.

I will post photos of the Ball (didn’t take enough!) and post more about our trip and photos of the Crescent City.


4 responses to “Star Twin

  1. Sounds like a great time! I hear you are going to Austin the day after Thanksgiving. Do you guys have plans (other than Boomboom’s meeting) and do you mind a third wheel? I can help drive!
    p.s. pictures please!

  2. Would love it if you came along! then we can do a little shop shop while boomboom is at his meeting!

  3. Agree – would like to nose around the city as well for a short bit before jetting back out of town. Have never been to Austin and would hate to shoot in for an hour meeting and then head right back out of town.

  4. P.S. – Tingaling is much cuter than Lucy Lui and her hair is much straighter.

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