The Big Easy


When we finally arrived into New Orleans (via Memphis), I was super tired and maybe a little hung over. We stayed at the Ritz (very froufrou, but nice enough) right in the French Quarter. Good location, as we could walk to a lot of places!

The church was so quaint – S had gone to school there from 5th – 12th grades! We got there an hour early, as the instructions told us to “*Arrive early for a seat” – and even being that early, C’s side of the church was already half full! S looked beautiful in her dress – rumor has it that she designed it herself! And the priest that married C&S also married S’s parents – I love that! Such a great sense of history.


I love wedding cake! To look at and to eat! Yummy!

We took a tour of the city – there is actually a lot to do and see outside of drinking and what I saw as a college student!

img_1542.jpg img_1543.jpg img_1546.jpg Love the ferns and iron!

Luckily on Sunday night when the Pats played, they won!!! Despite all the horrible officiating – seemed like the referees wanted the Colts to win. Sadly, I have gotten into New England sports – I definately prefer football to baseball – I guess the nearly 5 years we have been married, something has rubbed off on me from Boomboom.

We also had to visit an iconic spot:

img_1547.jpg img_1550.jpg

I didn’t really remember what beignets tasted like, but after our mega order, I did! and they made me feel not so hot.

img_1548.jpg Isn’t Boomboom cute?! Love him 🙂

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