Last Day

Today was my last day at work.  Uneventful, as most everyone was off-site for training.  My fav co-worker, Tucker, was the one who introduced me to blogs.  And now I am hooked and even write one myself!  Even funnier, we both picked the same WordPress template, unknowingly!  Anyway, she does not work on Fridays, so it was just me and the 45-year-old new guy.  We ended up going to lunch, together.

Point being, I slipped out a little early, and the ending was just like leaving any other day.  Which I like – not having to deal with a lot of good-byes and /or drama.

I am excited for my new found freedom!  But I don’t think I will really be able to enjoy it, as my weekend and most of next week is already jam-packed.  Oh well, soon enough.

2 responses to “Last Day

  1. Good luck, Tingaling! You’ll be missed at the office.

  2. Tingaling –

    Glad to have you back on the homefront and hope that you get a chance to recharge your batteries and enjoy some much needed time with Ruby (aka. The Purple Wizard).

    LYH – BB

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