We’ve lived in our old house (built in 1911) for 4 and a half years.  Basically none of the upstairs doors have knobs or if they do, they don’t work.  I was getting ready for supper club last night, Boomboom came home, puttered about in the basement and was upstairs for maybe 5 minutes.

“Come up here.”

I go upstairs.   He is grinning widely and proudly opening a shutting  the middle bedroom door – and the knob works!  It latches!  and even the lock works!

I am literally speechless.  My mouth is open, flies are flying in and out.

“I can’t believe we have lived here nearly 5 years, and it only took you 5 minutes to get the knob working.  Why didn’t you do this 4.5 years ago?”

“Oh, well, I had to take pieces and parts – knob from front bedroom door, latch from who-knows-where – to make it all come together for the middle bedroom door.”

I am still a little astounded.  Not that I am not grateful that the door now works, but just that it wasn’t a huge, day long ordeal with lots of cursing and yelling – that it only took a mere 5 minutes.  Everytime I go upstairs and have to use the know to get into the middle bedroom, it surprises me.

And when I go to the top of the stairs, and see the middle door closed, the back door rigged shut and the front room door barricaded with the yoga ball and box, I feel sad for little Ruby.  Her bed is in the hallway – good thing she has taken to her downstairs bed and new blanket.  Long live the Purple Wizard!


5 responses to “Huh?

  1. hee hee – you’re funny 🙂
    I am still recovering from my trip to SF.

  2. The back door and the middle door are fully functioning. There is no rigging involved with the back door, it just sticks because the frame is not aligned properly. Get me a door knob and a catch with all of your new found free time and I will fix the front door as well.

    With this completed you can now focus on picking up your clothes and determining what stays and what goes to charity. Then you can fold the stuff you want to keep and put it away instead of leaving it laying all over the place.

    LYH – BB

  3. Just to clarify I am in no way angered by your posting this AM. I simply believe that if you are going to try and give me the business I will give it right back. BBB.

  4. Long live handyman, BB Bres. Well done. And what does Rubles think?!

  5. Ummmm…update pretty please! I guess I will be seeing you soon. How about a photo of Ruby for the road?

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