Copy cat

On Thursday night, I had an ART180 donor appreciation / cultivation event to attend. My friend, Ad, brought his wife – and she was just so cute and stylish! I loved her outfit, so demanded to know where she got it. To my surprise, it was from Forever 21 and Target! So yesterday, I went out and recreated the outfit for myself! I did tell her I was going to do so, so as not to be too Single White Female-esque.

I wore the outfit last night to a friend’s surprise bday party. My friends were all astounded at how cute I looked! and, also astounded, as it was a shift! so dress like! and i wore leggings, so felt very trendy and fashionable. Hehehe – I am good at copying! The shirt I wore under the shift had major bell sleeves, so Boomboom thought I looked like either a nun or Pilgrim. I really enjoyed the outfit, all black of course – and it was super comfy – so I will be busting it out at all the upcoming events that I can!

Not sure if I should take my friends astonishment as a compliment or be offended. Guess I am always the one in jeans and very casual, so good that I am making a bit more of an effort. Gretty – beware, you can’t depend on me to be the least dressed up one in the room anymore! Unless, of course, the event is a black tie event – as we all know, I am always “casual black tie”.


3 responses to “Copy cat

  1. Unfortunately we did not get any pictures of the new outfit so I will have to get Tingaling to dress as the flying nun again some time soon and strike a pose.

  2. Yes, I would like some photos please!

  3. Tinger looked fantastic – so fancy! But I think I was more surprised to see Ting wearing a dress! πŸ™‚ And yes, I am distraught that I can no longer count on Tinger to be as casually dressed as me. Others will also want to know that BoomBoom received many compliments on his orange sweater – a well-dressed couple! πŸ™‚

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