Ze Purple Wizard!

This past spring, we bought Ruby a new, mac daddy bed and blanket.  The blanket was on sale, hence the purple color. But it is SUPER soft and cozy.  We tried to give it to Ruby when we first bought it, but she rejected it.  Probably had something to do with the extreme heat and so she didn’t want to continue to sweat when she laid in her bed.

This fall, I busted out the little purple blanket and started using it as my own.  Well, Ruby did not appreciate that at all!  Very tacky, she said, to give a gift and them take it back.

So the purple blanket is back with it’s rightful owner, Little Miss Ruby.  and she LOVES it.  She literally will sleep all night on her mac daddy bed, covered in the blanket.  She never jumps on the couch or tries to come into bed with us.  She is happy as a clam, now that she is ze purple wizard!

Check her out – she kinda reminds me of a rap star…




5 responses to “Ze Purple Wizard!

  1. She looks adorable! I love the purple on her.

  2. Love love love those photos! Made me smile 🙂
    see you soon!

  3. At present the Purple Wizard is snoring away under her magical purple garment, likely concocting new spells to cast upon Tingaling. Most of her spells are directed at the acquisition of additional food or treats. The spells she has cast on me however are for belly scratching which she demands quite frequently. She has taken to rolling on her back at my feet with all four legs splayed in different directions every time I enter the room or house. At first I thought this a sign of submission, but now I realize it is a demand for a belly scratch. Between Ruby’s belly scratch demand and Tingaling’s back scratch demands I have had to take temporary workers disability leave to address a case of carple tunnels syndrome.

  4. Boom – you say I have a flair for the dramatic – clearly you do as well! Carple Tunnel syndrome?! Please, I haven’t had a proper back scratch in days!!!

  5. Jingle Jangles is so jealous! What a cutie!!!

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