We got home to Texas last night around 9pm.  The flight was not crowded – which was great!  We were in a 3 seat section, just the two of us – I felt like we had won the lottery!  We always seem to be in 3 seat sections with another person, even if the flight is not full.

In the middle of the night, I awoke due to not being able to swallow.  I always forget how dry it is here, and my sandpaper throat reminded me late last night of why I need to drink lots of water when I am here, especially after the flight down.

This morning, Marm went to work out around 830am.  At 11am, I started to get worried, and very hungry.  I felt like Boomboom and I were little baby birds, waiting for mama bird to return to feed us.  We finally went down stairs, and mama bird had all the provisions out for us!  Bread, cooked eggs, fresh juice – it was great!

When Marm came home around 1130am, she was starved – and who wouldn’t be, after working out for 3 hours!  So she made herself a salad – romaine, cheese, turkey, turkey pastrami and half a banana.  It was leftover, so why wouldn’t she put a banana into her salad?!  Very odd, but she said tasty – so that is all that matters.

Sometimes I wonder if I will turn into Marm as I get older – and I realize that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

One response to “Tex-@ss

  1. I can’t wait to see you guys!

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