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So I need a PLAN. Much like the menu helps me actually cook during the week, I think I need a crafting plan so that I can have goals to meet each week.

Menu (12.30.07 – 1.5.08)

Sunday – Spinach Meatloaf & wild rice pilaf
Monday – NYE – out (we just need to bring a dish to Stevies – I hope the grocery store is open tomorrow!); we’ll nibble at both parties we go to…
Tuesday – Happy New Year 2008! Homemade whole wheat pizza crust with fresh motz -or- petit filets (if Boom doesn’t mind grilling)
Wed – Slow cooker roast chicken & veggies Moroccan Chicken and Vegetable Stew (from Boom’s mom’s slow cooker cook book that I borrowed)
Thurs – Homemade meat sauce with high protein pasta
Fri – Chili (or out)
Sat – Leftovers (or out)

Craft (this is anything that I have to create, or semi-create) – to be completed by 1.5.08

  1. 2 baby girl gifts (A.L. & S.S.) – personalized stationary (this is easy)
  2. 2007 year in review 2-page scrapbook spread (Yarb – do you want a copy? do you think I should make another one for Marm and Dad? if yes to all, that is 3 copies of the same 2007 2-page spread…)
  3. Al’s surprise gifty (Al – don’t keep reading!); need to think of fabric / color choices and embroidery design; need to make the darn thing!

I think that is good for next week. I hope I developed enough pictures for all the scrapbook pages I may potentially be making!

Other Craft Ideas to Keep in Mind

  1. Tote from that Purl blog (minus the fancy handles)
  2. an ‘E’ for Yarb’s Valentine’s Day gift (idea from a Little Hut) and also the reglazing idea


I got the Junior League of Richmond Annual Report a few days ago – it is also a calendar!  What a great idea!  I only wish the photos were of higher resolution, as some are blurry…


12.30.07 ~ 2:40pm

When we were up at the Cape for 8 days, I did a little running, a LOT of eating (really rich foods) and lots of sitting around.  On the days that I did run, I did 5 sun salutations (orig I thought I should do 10 – so the full warm up, but space was cramped, and I didn’t have a mat, etc, blah blah blah), which was a good (albeit a smidge feeble) attempt to do a little yoga on my own.  Before that, I had literally not done any yoga outside the studio.  But those 5 sun salutations are nothing in comparison to what we do in class (duh – in class, the warm up is 5 – A sun salutations and 5 – B sun salutations).

So I was back at yogi today – and I really do love it.  In the beginning of Kyra’s class, she talks about how each of us should have an “intention” for the class.  I used to think it was a bunch of fluffy new age mumbo jumbo, but now I really like it.  You seal in your intention for the class at the beginning and then after we finish the final resting pose, we revisit that intention.  My intention for each class is always to be a better person.  I think I am pretty good most times, but there is always room for improvement!  And I think that if I am a good person, most everything else will fall into place.  I guess it is a little bit of meditation.  and I like Kyra b/c she always ends class by reading something about yoga and life (usually to the effect of you practice yoga in your everyday life).  I do enjoy it – I am almost intrigued enough to do a little more research on it or read more about yoga and life, but I haven’t gotten there just yet.   I always said that if I really found religion, I think I’d be some Eastern religion, like Buddhist or Taoist.

only 1,996 more needed…

My friend / ex-coworker who turned me onto the world of blogs, Tuck, sent me a link about making money off blogs.  I am close, only need a mere 1,996 more readers!!!!  But it is cool to know that peeps do make mola off just writing about their stupid, boring lives (Dooce, one of my fav blogs and one of the most well read blogs around, had that on her masthead).  Too bad my blog is neither well written nor interesting…

The little things

Wed., 12/16/08 (~1:40pm)

When Boom and I are up here, we share a bathroom that is snug. Not tiny, but definitely snug. So a couple nights ago, I asked Boom to put some toothpaste on my toothbrush, as he was doing the same for himself.

The next night, when I went in to the bathroom to brush my teeth, my toothbrush was out with toothpaste already on it! That really made me smile and feel quite loved. When I got into bed, I told Boom as much. And he said he hoped he did other things that make me feel loved, which, of course, he does, but that he remembered the little thing of putting toothpaste on my toothbrush really touched me.

I guess sometimes it is easier to focus on the big things, but sometimes it is those little things that really make an impact.

Xmas 2007

Wed., Dec. 26, 2007 (~1:15pm) I am adding my own timestamps to my blog entries, as I cannot figure out how to sync up the blog time on WordPress to EST.

Our trip up to the Cape was uneventful. Although Boston got a few feet of snow just a few days before we came up, we were unaffected (thank goodness). Boom’s bro (Mo) and sis-in-law (Hol) and their daughter, little E, got in Sunday morning – was great to see them.

Sunday eve was (of course) football time. The Pats won over the (I can’t remember who they played!) so they continue their undefeated streak. Though Brady didn’t look great in the 2nd half, not scoring any TDs at all! Boom’s sister (Lee), her hub (Chuck), their twins (C and M) came over for the game. M is really into football and pro sports in general.


Here are all the real fans (moi, little E and M) – getting ready for the game!


For some reason M’s jersey was all black (which actually was good for Boom and I as we had gotten him a real Brady jersey).


and little E had her very own pink Brady jersey!

Christmas day was fine – the kids got LOTs of gifts – almost too many. I guess that is what happens when everyone buys gifts for the kiddies. Next year, I am thinking, that we will purchase 1 gift per child. No one noticed that we had many gifts per kids, especially the kids, so why add to all that excess?


Mally dog even got dressed up for the holiday! She is a good dog, not too terribly bright, but still a good pup. Odd, as she LOVES fruit – bananas, orange ets. Made me miss little Ruby, but the drive up here is too much for her (and us, for that matter).


Little E loved the tape machine with mics that Booms parents got for her. She knows all 5 verses of “Frosty the Snowman” – I never even knew there are 5 verses of that carol!  She was concentrating very hard and the mic was pressed up against her lips – any closer and she’d be ingesting the mic!


The twins also performed their school holiday song for us – I had never heard of it, but it was considerably less complicated than Little E’s song…


Here we are with Mo and Hol and Little E. We jumped into their family photo, as Boom and I make for a small family photo.

As for being good, I don’t think I really was good enough for my “big” gift – a GORGEOUS Elizabeth Locke bracelet! It is part of the Mr. T starter set 😉

A wrist model I’ll never be, but this bracelet is so very lovely. and has such a great weight…


I LOVE IT!!!! LOOOOOOOVE it! Thanks, Boom, you are too good to me, as per the usge.

Last but not least, Lee (and Boom’s mom) cooked up a storm – and these are my fav cookies that Lee makes.


They have almond extract in them, not overly sweet, dipped in (dark?) chocolate. I like just a little bit of chocolate – the “meat” of the cookies are thick and moist – very yummy!

Boom’s oldest sister, Kris, didn’t make it back to the Cape from Chicago – she has a family of 5, so I really don’t blame her.

Oh, Boom’s parents got us for the gift swap – and they got us a really pretty black photo album that says “John and Ting Bresnahan” on the front. For many good memories in 2008 – it was really sweet and thoughtful. And useful! I love it as well.


I just recently got into blogs (thanks to my ex-co-worker Tuck) – and I am still amazed at all the really cool tutorials out there for me to start doing! (I have noticed, oddly enough, that I don’t spend nearly as much time looking at blogs now that I am not employed as I used to – I guess being stuck and bored in an office is prime time to check our blogs). The bad thing is I have so many ideas of things I want to do, that I may have trouble finding time for the actual implementation .

I did just email Tuck to see if she can help me get some “reclaimed” paper from her office. For a project I have in mind! Seems wasteful to me to use new paper for this project, so I hope she doesn’t mind helping out! There is a ton of paper that goes into the recycling bins at her office.

I also have a great idea for Yarb’s next gift – she is starting a collections of ‘e’s (I think) so I will hope to add at least one to that collection.

And I think Al and I are going to do an ornament swap next year for our xmas gifts. Which is a great idea – nice work, Al! I also have a great idea for a little something to make her, as she collects frogs.

We are leaving on Sat (tomorrow) for a whole week up on the Cape. It is great to see Boom’s family (esp for him to spend time with them, as he doesn’t really get to do that a lot), but I know that I get a little restless when I am up there, since the main family activity is sitting around and watching TV.  I was hoping to bring a project up there with me, but that is hard, since we are flying and I would need Xacto knives and scissors, etc.  I guess I can think about and plan my upcoming projects…