Since I have been receiving hate emails / posts about putting up a new entry (yes, I know I need to), here goes… a little photo montage for your viewing pleasure. Unfort, since Yarb is the family historian, she is usually behind the lens, and not in front of it! Next time, more shots of Yarb with me!!!!


We all ran the Fort Worth Turkey Trot 5K. The boys went on to run the 10K as well! It was really cold, hence why we all kinda look like bag people…
turktrot.jpg Here is Boomboom bringing it in strong!!!

mento.jpg Mentos – Chinese steamed bread. Dad is the Master of the Mentos. He made a ton of these, as we all love to eat them! This particular batch I took the dough and made it into knots to look pretty…

dsc_0153.jpg We all ate way too much all week long! But especially on Turkey Day…

Here is the entire crew – blind tiger! Yaya and Chris, Boomboom & I, marm and dad, Gomby, Uncle and Auntie, and Yarb and Josephine-o.

Thanks, marm, for cooking so much and taking care of all of us! We all had a great time! Miss you all already!

One response to “Thanksgiving

  1. Don’t you love our crazy family?

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