We had another BTE this Saturday – R. Knapp’s 19th Annual Christmas party benefiting SCAN.  Boomboom and I were one of the many “hosts” (which means we paid some mola, and got a bunch of invitation to give out).  After last years’ party, my friends and I had low (and I mean just hovering about ground level) expectations.  Last year the band wasn’t so good, it was VERY crowded, and we arrived way too sober.

I was worried earlier this week when friends and strangers (literally, someone I do not know) were emailing me for more invitations.  So the way the event works is you are supposed to have an invitation to get in, and pay $35 as a donation to SCAN.  So I was happy to give out more invitations, but it also worried me as I was scared of what the throngs would be like at the event.

I decided that a few couples should get together for dindin  – so it started out as 4 couples.  Then I mentioned it to some of my girl friends, and the group grew to 12.  Then mentioned it to a buddy of Boombooms – 13.  Then invited another couple – 15.  Then that couple wanted to bring a couple –  17!  About 2 hours before dinner on Sat, another friend called and wanted to join in all the fun – I told her to call the restaurant.  Evidently we were at capacity!

Dinner was fun – I was feeling the warmth of the glass of red wine I had had a Cubby’s house (Boomboom, I, and the gals had met up before dinner to have a pre-dindin cocktail).  The mojitos were yummy (thought Gretty mentioned today that they weren’t that “flavorful” and a bit “too soda-y”) and I do enjoy the taste of old Havana (pulled pork with red beans and rice).  Unfort, we were in the smoking section and there was a vile cloud of cigar smoke (which caused one of our couple friends to move tables).

The actual party wasn’t too bad – the band was dance-able, and the crowd not as intense as we remembered last year.  I think it was b/c we were only at the party from 1030pm  – 1am, so not too too long.  But there were a lot of peeps there, that is for sure!  and some old peeps!  It was actually great people watching.

When the party ended, one of our buddies, Big Trav (who, incidentally, was wearing leather pants with his tux shirt, vest and jacket – no tie), had the post party.  We hung out there – TGIF ordered pizza at 2am.  He told me it was going to take an hour for it to arrive.  I told him to cancel the order – as there was no way there would be people still here at 3am!, but Boomboom told him to keep it (good job, Boom).

We went out to the “pool” house / room with disco ball (and no heat) once Court got her computer (with music!  Big Trav’s Ipod was in his car, which was downtown) – and that was when the party got started!  Court had all the crowd pleasers, and we were all game to dance and be silly!  TGIF even built a fire in the fireplace, as you literally had to be less than 6 inches away from the space heater to feel any sort of warmth.

How surprised was I when TGIF appeared in the doorway with 4 pizzas!  Woo hoo!  We were all starved!  so the pizza was delish…  By this point, Boomboom was getting a wee bit tired – he had run 16 miles that morning, so his legs were not feeling great.  I was still having a blast, so we boogied down for a little longer.

When Gretty started her interperative dance to MJ’s “Man in the Mirror”, Boomboom thought it time to go home.  Likely also b/c it was 330am, and we were in Big Trav’s pool house jumping around – TIME TO GO!

I could barely believe we were still out at 330am – I can’t remember the last time I was out so late!  and we had started at 630pm!  Needless to say, I was tired all day today.  We were basically slugs…  oh well, it was cold and wet.

Sometimes life is hard, but I realize it is always much easier with the best hubby in the world (Boomboom) and really great friends (Gretty, Cubby and the crew).

Pictures to come!


One response to “3:30am?!

  1. BoomBoom was the voice of reason on this night, but is very tired today. Blah.

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