Wedding Scarecrow

A few weekends back we went to G&S’s wedding.  The ceremony was in the cathedral just down the street from us.  I had never been in, so was very excited to see it!  And it was beautiful!

S’s dress was also so gorgeous!  Her mom was the original wearer – both of her sisters as well as herself also wore the dress!  When we arrived to the reception, I talked to her dad about the dress and how beautiful it is and what an awesome story it is that all the ladies wore it, he got all chocked up – it was so sweet!

The reception started at 6pm and we literally were there for 6 hours!  We never do that!  Usually we get bored or tired, and this time we did not! I was quite proud of us…  Had a great time, which is a little odd, not that we don’t like having a good time, but we are really fringe friends of S&G – almost a little surprised to be invited.  So we are really good friends with one of their really good friends, which is why the invitation was sent, I think.

Images from the night:


Boom and I dressed up and looking cute 😉


Some friends with S (and the famed dress – so pretty!) – I am a little pink, must have had a few cocktails!


Boom doing the “Scarecrow” – patented by Coco’s dad, TB.  Technically speaking, it is a double-arm robot, but Boom added the right foot it’s toes (photo is too dark to see this detail).  As soon as Coco had told me about TB doing this move, I knew Boom would love to try it out.  Boy was I right!


3 responses to “Wedding Scarecrow

  1. The fields of corn are safe and sound with that scarecrow on the job. I shudder every time I see it.

  2. I’m going to teach Park the tin man so you all can start a wizard of oz club…or should it be the lion? Raaarr!!

  3. Cute photos!

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