Last night the Pats won in a real nail biter over the Baltimore Ravens, so they remain unbeaten – hopefully marching towards a season of no losses.  For a true, lifelong fan like Boomboom, it was a horrible emotional rollercoaster.  The 1 1/2 hour pre-game commentary of “Drama – will the Pats remain unbeaten?!  Blah blah blah” gave the game quite the build up.  Boomboom was smart enough not to dismiss this game, as there were many factors in play – 3rd night away game, 1st game since the near loss to Philly, Ravens considering this their “Superbowl”, etc.

During one of Boomboom’s many diatribes against the old, slow Pats defense and an offense that couldn’t seem to catch anything (even when the ball hit them in the numbers), I began to wonder why this season had I become such a fan.  A fan with a Randy Moss jersey!  I realized it was because the Pats were having such a good season.  So many games have been blowouts – with TD after TD scored against the opposing team.  When Boomboom’s team is winning, it is easy for me to watch the games and jump on the bandwagon.  We can admire Brady’s laser arm, and/or Moss’s / Wexler’s quick feet / great catching ability.

However, once they start not playing so strongly, or the other team kinda sorta has figured out some of the kinks in the armor, Boomboom will either become enraged with a red, hot fury from H-E-double-hockey-sticks or plunge into a deep, dark depression.  When this happens, I hope with all my might at the Pats will pull it out – that they will miraculously win at the last minute, as they are known to do.  I feel bad that I spend this energy focused on an NFL game that really, Boomboom’s happiness aside, I don’t really care about.  Who ever thought I’d be so concerned about 3rd down conversions?!

The great thing is, so far, the Pats haven’t let me down.  They cause Boom heartache and headaches and ups and downs all within 4 quarters of the game, but in the end, the Pat’s SKILL, LUCK or the other team’s stupidity / mistakes (the timeout on 4th down that Balti called was SO bad, for them, but good for us!) cause them to win.  I do love bragging rights – especially when they won over Indianapolis and Manning (he is overrated, in my book, and not so cute).

So, I guess all I can say is “How ’bout them Pats?!”


2 responses to “12-0

  1. Tingaling –

    As a fan you are without doubt “Cash Money.” I love that you have gotten into the Patriots a little this year as I suspect that you are their good luck charm. You must watch the remaining games to help them preserve their winning ways.

    BBB – BB

  2. I’m speechless. I didn’t know you were such the football fan. What is a 3rd down conversion ;)?

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