Last night was the December Canine Cafe benefiting the Richmond SPCA.  There was a pretty good turnout, considering there were lots of other things going on last night.  I loved seeing all the pups – and the people who love them.  There were a couple Frenchies (French Bulldogs) – I really think they are so cute!  and a good size for a companion for Ruby.  Not too big, as she gets a little intimidated by the bigger dogs.  The white Frenchie really looked like a piglet – as you could see it’s pink skin under it’s fur – too cute!  and there was a really cute black and white spotted Frenchie.  We have our name on the SPCA list for any French or English Bulldog that get surrendered…  so we’ll see…

The SPCA Associate Board (of which I am a member) president, Stan, dressed up as Santa, for photos with the dogs.  He really was a good sport – especially since Ruby got scared when he picked her up and she kinda sorta peed on him and the bench!   Stan took it all in stride – joking about his first golden shower!  Ruby and Stanta had a great photo – little Rubles looks like a mere pup!  Can’t see her gray beard, so she really looks like a baby!


Look at how cute Rubles is!


One response to “Stanta

  1. She looks so cute and tiny in that photo! Love it!

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