Drama, drama & f’ing free stuff

Last night we had Boomboom’s work holiday party.  We have been to a minimum of 2 work parties a year for the past 4 years.  In the early years, when the firm was much smaller, it felt like we got together much more.  I remember 1 year there was a firm sponsored WIVES event!  Thank goodness we are too big for that…  However, these parties are never all that much “fun”.  So we made plans to meet up with a few folks before the official party to have a drink or 2…  The party started at 7pm – we didn’t get to the party until 8pmish (yay!) and stayed until around 1030.  The good thing is that there are enough people now to not have to talk to everyone.  So basically Boom and I sat with the folks we like and just had people come to us 😉

After that, we had Court’s 10 year reunion of her 21st bday at NYD.  I think, with finals and the whatnot, not too many college kids were out, so it wasn’t as PACKED as it usually gets, so that was nice.

Here we all are!


Court was getting wasted, which is to be expected.  Her ex-bf / guy she has a complicated long distance relationship with sent her flowers and earings for her bday.  According to her, it was nice of him (to a point) and then it really is just f’ing free stuff for her – hilarious!  Glad that she is 1) keeping it all in perspective, and 2) retains a sense of humor with all the drama.

Speaking of drama, Scoot still has some unresolved drama in her life (as per the usual).  I just get the tip of the iceburg when I am around – and it tires me out – way too much drama.  Something about D and then was also T somehow involved, texting her from NYC…

At least we got to spend lots of QT with Cubs.  She really is good peeps – Boom and her have a really great relationship – which I love.  Started out with their love of the same music (the Boss, mainly), but has since bloomed.  I love it b/c I know that if we all go out, everyone will have a good time.  I love it when Boom likes the peeps I like.  and it just goes to prove the good peeps point, since Boom has a very LOW tolerance for non-good peeps.  She also has a twinge of drama left over from last weekends BTE – just J not being a very good friend.  So J is low on Boom & I’s list, which Cubs knows.

Overall, a fun night – got home around 1am – which is a respectable hour to stay out for a bday (so we thought).


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