So Yarbs called and said she was at a Billionaire Babes Sample sale (!) and asked if jewelery was ok for my Christmas gift – OF COURSE!  I can’t to get my gift!!!  But now the pressure is on – as I dunno what to get her.

I told Boom if we lived in Houston I, too, could go to sample sales.  He was unimpressed with that argument, since he doesn’t really like Houston and would like to discourage me from buying anything.


2 responses to “Yarborough!

  1. I am pretty easy to shop for, as you probably already know :). Accessories are always a good choice! Next time I get an email for the Billionaire babes sale we will go together – unfortunately Dallas is the only town in Texas that they go to. Just a good excuse to visit home! I showed some restraint and only bought 1 top, though. I think if someone were there to encourage me I probably would have spent more $$. 😉

  2. I haven’t read the blog for a little while, it’s great to read them again…thanks ting.

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