Christmas Cards & Marathons

This Sunday (yesterday) I really started to get my Christmas cards done in earnest. I had gotten the envelopes a few days prior and Boom and I had stamped & return addressed them. So I got the photos (2″x2″!) and printed out the cardstock to stick the photo on. I think they turned out really cute! Super simple, but that is what I like. and I really wanted to just purch cards that I could stick my photos on, but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Esp since I like to use small and not regular sized photos.

Anyway, when I was in full production mode of our Christmas cards, my bro-in-law was running the White Rock Marathon in Dallas! He finished in 3:09:56 with a pace of 7:15 – WOW! He qualified for Boston!!! and is planning on running it in 2009. I am SO impressed! The last marathon (marathon only, not an iron man) he ran was Houston last year and he ran that in around 3:45 – quite an improvement! He has been training really hard, though, for his IronMans and that has really paid off in his running! Yarb ran the half marathon, in an hour less than Josephino did the full 😉

And Kandra emailed me to day asking if I had any interest in doing another Racing the Planet event. She is interested in doing the Sahara in Oct. 2009. Of course I’d love to do another RTP event, though I think I’d opt for Gobi (my peeps) and if I did a Sahara Race it would be Marathon des Sables – one of the oldest and most famous staged ultras around.

But who am I kidding, it will be a while yet until I can commit to doing another one of those crazy races. Next time around, maybe Marm or Boomboom could volunteer while I race – would be nice to see a familiar face and have someone take care of me a little bit. But guess that is not the point of those races…


2 responses to “Christmas Cards & Marathons

  1. Good grief – it’s too soon to be doing another crazy event! How is BB’s marathon training coming along?

  2. It seems that the warm bed is winning out over the cold road most mornings in the Bresnahan household. Need to start logging more miles.

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