Monday (last night) – Roasted chicken with baked sweet potatoes and sauteed yellow squash. Sunday we went over to a friends house to watch the Pats vs. Steelers game and they had a lot of munchies out (and also made truffle fries) so I didn’t make dinner on Sunday. Unfort, the roasted chicken really, quite literally, smoked us out! I guess all the oil gets everywhere and then it heats up while roasting and smokes. Not fun and the house still smells like chicken! but the food was delish!

Tuesday (today) – Salmon with broccoli. Tonight we have an ART180 open studio to go to – should be interesting! I’ll prep everything and then cook once we get home.  Ugh, post-smoke out Monday we had to clean the ENTIRE oven – took the door off any everything!  so we just had sushi last night..

Wednesday – NADA! I have Supper Club and then a friend is having a chocolate & champagne party (what a good idea!).

Thursday – Spinach meatballs and high protein pasta (or perhaps just meatballs w/o spinach) Salmon with broccoli.

Friday – We are out for a friend’s bday party at Chioccas (this little hole in the wall – when you leave you smell like food).

Sat – Homemade wheat pizza with fresh motz and salami / prosciutto. Boomboom says he will be in charge of Saturday night dinner!  Woot woot!  I think he will be grilling steaks – yummy!


4 responses to “UPDATED Menu

  1. You are leaving me to my own capabilities on Wednesday? This could be disasterous. I will not doubt be eating tuna straight from the can just like little 22 year old hobo Tingaling. When I met tingaling back in 1998 she lived under the Key Bridge in DC and pushed a shopping cart all around Arlington. The cart was full of tuna cans and Boones Farm wine, both of which give Tingaling very bad gas. Ten years later she is all cleaned up and eats very health. Unfortunately, the gas is still an issue.

  2. LOL. BB is always a riot! Tingaling, when are you going to come cook for us??

  3. Tinger, love the use of strikethrough. Can’t wait for you to cook for me!!! 🙂 And BB, I think you may have missed your calling as a comedic writer – perhaps there’s an opening at 30 Rock!

  4. I was never a hobo. A few bites of tuna out of the can is definitely acceptable.

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