Good puppy!

This morning, Boom and I enjoyed a lovely little breakfast at Starbucks. ‘Twas nice! When he left for work, I stayed and read my Forbes and finished my medium soy-no-foam-extra-hot chai (I never use their dumb sizing names). Since the cleaning lady was at our house doing her thing, I had to make myself scare for a couple more hours. So one of my things to do on cleaning day (2x a month) is to go to the SPCA and walk dogs. I can walk about 4 in 1 hour. The accomodations at the SPCA are great – but I still feel so bad for the doggies. All they want to do is go out and run around! So I try to walk as many as I can in the short amount of time that I am there, but still give them a good walk outside.

What amazes me is how good the dogs are! They hardly pull on their leash, they just follow me to where ever we are walking and then they know that they have to go back and will usually go back into their runs with not a lot of problems! It is sad how thin most of them are. and, though I know they are being fed quite enough, most of them had really soft poos. There was a really cute Jack Russel mix named Joy – she could totally do the Jack Russel jump – boing boing boing! SO cute! and she was really light and small – probably less than 10 pounds. High energy, and I really enjoyed her. I think she will be adopted quickly (or perhaps I should say I hope) since she is a small dog – and I think the small dogs get adopted before the bigger ones. Too bad Ruby likely would like NOT take kindly to a sister – I think Ruble would be best as the only gal. Although Boom and I are talking about getting another dog since Ruby is such a spoiled brat – a sibling so that Ruby will realize the world does not revolve around her.

As Boom left Starbucks, he said to me – Try not to fall in love with all the dogs! Isn’t that the truth – this is why I just can’t justify paying hundreds of dollars for a pure breed something or the other when there are awesome dogs that need us so much…


4 responses to “Good puppy!

  1. Who knew you would become such the dog lover?

  2. Yes, I know, just a mere 5 years ago if anyone had told me I would be a huge doggie advocate and lover, I would have scoffed… but Ruble changed all of that!!! I think it makes me a better person in general…

  3. No question that dogs have an impact on our moods and happiness. Ruby is so happy to see you when you walk in the door that she doors the barrel roll chest waggle. You can’t help but put a smile on and feel better when you see her that excited. She just wants to show affection all the time and it rubs off on ya.

  4. Ruby is very lovable and one is enough!!!!!

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