Christmas cards

This year, I vowed I would NOT design and make our Christmas cards – that I would simplify and use store bought cards. However, I really like using unusual sized photos, so no store bought card can accomodate more interesting photo sizes. and even if I felt like using a 4×6 photo was fine, I couldn’t find anything that I liked. Everything was just so… much, so busy. I did end up designing our cards – they are small! I think the entire card was smaller than 4x – and the photos is a mere 2×2. But I’ve gotten great feedback that people have liked our cards – and I do like them, so that is the most important thing. They are a reflection of us – not just in the photo, but in the entire design.

So far, we’ve sent out 119 cards. There are always stragglers that come in of folks I didn’t have their address or they have moved, or maybe they weren’t on our list. I do love getting cards from people, even if it is the only time in the year that we are able to touch base. I’ll scan ours in tonight!


The scan came out a little dark, but you get the general idea of the card.  I like things super simple and a bit plain…


2 responses to “Christmas cards

  1. Your cards were tres cute!

  2. I like your cards, both of you look glamously……

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