Holiday Spirit?

(Yarb – Do NOT read this post unless you want to know what one of your gifts is!)

I haven’t really been able to get into the holiday spirit. Not sure why, but I didn’t even hang wreaths on the front of our doors! I did put up all the little trees, stockings and our new advent calendar we got from Garnet Hill (we didn’t fill the calendar this year – as I did order it until the end of Nov – and the little hats and mittens are super small, not exactly sure what we would fit into them, besides a piece of candy or a quarter). But it is super cute:


I never really had any experience with advent calendars (since we are not religious) and I am not exactly sure when I started hearing about them (opening the calender’s “door” for each day and getting a piece of chocolate!), but I thought I would make one for Boom and myself. Boom encouraged me to just purchase this one and luckily I decided to – it arrived and I just had to put it up!

I had also been wanting to make some sort of ornament (and Yarborough had also asked for some homemade ornaments). The folksy look has been popular this year and I had been seeing a lot of felt ornaments, much like these:


I had a lot of felt on hand, so I thought that I could use it up making felt ornaments. I even purchased a felt ornament pattern from futuregirl of sea creatures (fish, octopus, etc.) but I really didn’t ENJOY using the pattern. After that, I even went as far as to email Yarb and tell her that this year I wouldn’t be able to give her any ornaments, as my plan had gone awry.

When I was out shopping, I went into a store here in town and saw some simple round felt embroidered ornaments and thought to myself – They are selling these puppies for TEN BUCKS? I could make that myself! Thus, I have been a felt ornament making machine! I made enough to give Yarbs some, and also gave a Gretty one! I think they came out super cute, and I have enjoyed working on them…


So maybe that is how my holiday spirit has manifested itself – via making felt ornaments.


6 responses to “Holiday Spirit?

  1. So cute!!! Maybe next year we should do an ornaments for our gift exchange, since we have a tree now and have committed to only putting up sentimental ornaments that remind us of friends, trips, etc, etc. You are tres crafty!!

    Al 🙂

  2. Al – that is a GREAT idea! Let’s implement next year!!!

  3. I LOVE the ornaments! They are too cute and I already have them up on my tree this year. I think we should include ornaments in each other’s gifts from now on – homemade or otherwise…
    merry christmas li’l sis. I love and miss you!

  4. LOVE my ornament and my most crafty friend! Hope you had a happy happy Christmas w/team Bres!

  5. yay! glad the ornaments are such hits! I will try to make a different one each year! that is gonna be challenging for me…

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