I just recently got into blogs (thanks to my ex-co-worker Tuck) – and I am still amazed at all the really cool tutorials out there for me to start doing! (I have noticed, oddly enough, that I don’t spend nearly as much time looking at blogs now that I am not employed as I used to – I guess being stuck and bored in an office is prime time to check our blogs). The bad thing is I have so many ideas of things I want to do, that I may have trouble finding time for the actual implementation .

I did just email Tuck to see if she can help me get some “reclaimed” paper from her office. For a project I have in mind! Seems wasteful to me to use new paper for this project, so I hope she doesn’t mind helping out! There is a ton of paper that goes into the recycling bins at her office.

I also have a great idea for Yarb’s next gift – she is starting a collections of ‘e’s (I think) so I will hope to add at least one to that collection.

And I think Al and I are going to do an ornament swap next year for our xmas gifts. Which is a great idea – nice work, Al! I also have a great idea for a little something to make her, as she collects frogs.

We are leaving on Sat (tomorrow) for a whole week up on the Cape. It is great to see Boom’s family (esp for him to spend time with them, as he doesn’t really get to do that a lot), but I know that I get a little restless when I am up there, since the main family activity is sitting around and watching TV.  I was hoping to bring a project up there with me, but that is hard, since we are flying and I would need Xacto knives and scissors, etc.  I guess I can think about and plan my upcoming projects…


2 responses to “Projects…

  1. I do want to make a wall of es! I just need to get it started…

  2. Yaaay!!! I just read the homemade-frog-ornament idea – can’t wait!!!! Of course I will pretend to forget about this and be surprised next year, if it happens……I will have fun scouting a Ting-like ornament as well!!! I don’t think you want me to actually make yours, I am much better at designing things made on the ‘puter….. 🙂

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