Marmidy just called – to say she misses me.  I miss her a lot too.  I feel bad, as we just talked yesterday, so she really must miss me!  Probably just because the holidays are coming up and she thinks of us (Yarb and I), and since I am the baby (and had such a bad year) she worries about me.  Boom knows that Marm (and Yarb) would love to have us in TX to be closer to them.  I would like that as well, but I know that really we should go where the job is the best for Boom.  Right now that is Richmond.  (and we have lots of GREAT friends here, so can’t complain too much).

At least she and dad leave for their cruise with a bunch of other couple friends (who’s kids are with the in-laws, like us) on Sunday.  Then she won’t have time to miss me or Yarb.  Still, the holidays are hard when you are not with YOUR family.  As much as I love Boom’s fams, they are no replacement for marm, dad, Yarbs and even Josephine.

Yesterday, I was just talking with a friend, Whitey, who is going to be experiencing her first Christmas away from her family.  I told her it is hard, and that my 1st one away, I CRIED a lot.  Not that that should be such a surprise, since I am such a crybaby (or CB, as Boom likes to refer to me as).  She was not exactly excited, but this is what you do when you are married.  You suck it up and spend holidays with the in-laws.  Definately worth it for the hubby’s sake, but missing your fam and being a little sad is ok.

Marmidy and Dad sent Boom and I our Xmas gift – a hefty check to buy whatever we wanted!  It was really very generous and Marm and Dad really didn’t have to do so – we weren’t expecting them to give us so much.  But I think part of it was Marmidy missing us so much – it was very kind and generous of them.

I love Marmidy and Dad and Yarbs probably more than they know.  Sometimes hard to express myself in that way.


3 responses to “wahhh

  1. My sweet Tingaling. You will always be my baby sister. For better or for worse, we are stuck with each other. Good thing we like each other so much! I wish we could spend every holiday together but I guess if marriage teaches people a lot about compromise and not aways getting their way.
    Please call me a lot if you get bored up North! We can talk about cool crafty projects to do for next year!

  2. I’ll definitely help you with your next project! And if you get restless while you’re up north, catch up on all your blog reading and craft planning. See you in the new year!!

  3. By the way – speaking of cruises, aren’t you excited about ours in only 15 days?!?!? Your last one ever!!!!!!! 😉 Looking forward to reading your blog about that!!! hehe 😉


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