So I need a PLAN. Much like the menu helps me actually cook during the week, I think I need a crafting plan so that I can have goals to meet each week.

Menu (12.30.07 – 1.5.08)

Sunday – Spinach Meatloaf & wild rice pilaf
Monday – NYE – out (we just need to bring a dish to Stevies – I hope the grocery store is open tomorrow!); we’ll nibble at both parties we go to…
Tuesday – Happy New Year 2008! Homemade whole wheat pizza crust with fresh motz -or- petit filets (if Boom doesn’t mind grilling)
Wed – Slow cooker roast chicken & veggies Moroccan Chicken and Vegetable Stew (from Boom’s mom’s slow cooker cook book that I borrowed)
Thurs – Homemade meat sauce with high protein pasta
Fri – Chili (or out)
Sat – Leftovers (or out)

Craft (this is anything that I have to create, or semi-create) – to be completed by 1.5.08

  1. 2 baby girl gifts (A.L. & S.S.) – personalized stationary (this is easy)
  2. 2007 year in review 2-page scrapbook spread (Yarb – do you want a copy? do you think I should make another one for Marm and Dad? if yes to all, that is 3 copies of the same 2007 2-page spread…)
  3. Al’s surprise gifty (Al – don’t keep reading!); need to think of fabric / color choices and embroidery design; need to make the darn thing!

I think that is good for next week. I hope I developed enough pictures for all the scrapbook pages I may potentially be making!

Other Craft Ideas to Keep in Mind

  1. Tote from that Purl blog (minus the fancy handles)
  2. an ‘E’ for Yarb’s Valentine’s Day gift (idea from a Little Hut) and also the reglazing idea

One response to “PLAN

  1. Hi Tingaling! I missed you in blogland last week! Unfortunately BaoBao has been sick so Mom, Dad and Aunties drove straight home so Big Auntie could get to the airport on time and we didn’t get to see them. You are being so good with your menus. I should do that next year (along with the million and one other things I need to do). Happy New year – I will call you tomorrow.
    e 🙂

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