12.30.07 ~ 2:40pm

When we were up at the Cape for 8 days, I did a little running, a LOT of eating (really rich foods) and lots of sitting around.  On the days that I did run, I did 5 sun salutations (orig I thought I should do 10 – so the full warm up, but space was cramped, and I didn’t have a mat, etc, blah blah blah), which was a good (albeit a smidge feeble) attempt to do a little yoga on my own.  Before that, I had literally not done any yoga outside the studio.  But those 5 sun salutations are nothing in comparison to what we do in class (duh – in class, the warm up is 5 – A sun salutations and 5 – B sun salutations).

So I was back at yogi today – and I really do love it.  In the beginning of Kyra’s class, she talks about how each of us should have an “intention” for the class.  I used to think it was a bunch of fluffy new age mumbo jumbo, but now I really like it.  You seal in your intention for the class at the beginning and then after we finish the final resting pose, we revisit that intention.  My intention for each class is always to be a better person.  I think I am pretty good most times, but there is always room for improvement!  And I think that if I am a good person, most everything else will fall into place.  I guess it is a little bit of meditation.  and I like Kyra b/c she always ends class by reading something about yoga and life (usually to the effect of you practice yoga in your everyday life).  I do enjoy it – I am almost intrigued enough to do a little more research on it or read more about yoga and life, but I haven’t gotten there just yet.   I always said that if I really found religion, I think I’d be some Eastern religion, like Buddhist or Taoist.


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