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Tonight I was working on the SCAN Bourbon Street in Shockoe Bottom center pieces, which are masks, made by kiddies. There are about 95 of them, and I decided that most all of them needed “sprucing up”. So, for about an hour, I glued on more feathers to each mask. They are really cute, so I am not sure why I felt the need to spruce them up…. oh well, ’tis my OCD coming out…

Vases full of beads will hold the masks (once each mask is put on a stick – tonight I put 48 on sticks – colored pencils! very clever, I thought). However, I don’t want the beads put into the vases pell mell – I want the to have stripes of color, which means grouping the beads… I think my committee will think I am a freak! But I want things to look a certain way…

And luckily for us, the venue that we are holding the event, Main Street Station, is quite beautiful in it’s own right. It recently went through a renovation – so nothing can be hung, taped, secured, etc to any surface. Which makes things easier for us.

I am excited for this event! Lots of hard work and hopefully everyone will have a good time. We’ll be raising money and awareness around stopping child abuse right here in the community that we live in.


Big news for NKOTB fans…


Joey McIntire was always my favorite one… I cannot believe he is now 35 yrs old!

I met him once at a Long Island wedding (which was held where Ralph Machio of “The Karate Kid” had his wedding) of one of Boom’s friends – and actually got a photo with him.  I need to find that picture!!!

Thanks, Boom, for making sure I am on top of all NKOTB news!

Old Rag

On Saturday, a group of us from RIC and C’ville met up to do the Old Rag hike – an 8-mile, fairly strenuous / technical hike about 2 hours from RIC. There were 9 of us – Boom, Gretty, me, Quattro (Gretty’s bro), JP, Ali, Chuck, Jules and Whit. A VERY good group of peeps – fun, nice, all athletic and talkative.


It hasn’t been warm, but I was unprepared for all the snow and ice that was all over the trail!


Heading up, it was a little warmer – there was a little bit of sun out. And Jules was kind enough to bring us all sammies from one of everyone’s fav sandwich gas station in C’Ville! So that was awesome, when it came to lunch time!


Here we all are at the top of the mountain. We asked some guy to take our photo – he had to come to us – about 200m away -very nice of him. Quattro is right, thought, people like helping out other people.

Going down was less technical (not so many boulders to climb over / around) but more tricky in that gravity was pulling us down. and much colder – after hugging granite boulders (which do not conduct heat well – they actually suck the heat from your hands and feet) and with the sun hiding, we were all pretty cold.


I fell numerous time on the way down. Ice and my precarious sense of balance in good conditions are not a good mix. But we all got down unscathed.


Here we all are safely at the parking lot. and we are all smiling, so it couldn’t have been so bad. One of the best part of the trip was on our way home, we stopped at the Pizza Palace and got 3 pizzas for us all to share! We all just sat around and talked, found out Whit was going out on a date with a boy who was born in 1982!!!! Craziness – but so fun!

It was really great spending the whole day outside, getting some exercise and getting to know the peeps we were with a little bit better. Since Gretty was the common factor, of course all the peeps are quality 😉

Whirling dervish…

I have started waking up in the middle of the night due to worrying about the SCAN Board of Young Professional’s Bourbon Street in Shockoe Bottom fund raiser I am chairing…

I woke up around 2am – thinking it was much later but wondering why I was so tired…  and then again around 4am… I finally got up at 430am to clean before the cleaning lady (she came this morning).  I got tired again and went back to bed from 6-7am…

The folks that work at the SCAN office likely think that I am a cr@ck head, as I am always talking 100 miles and hour and whirling about like a dervish…  sometimes I feel like I am all hopped up on caffeine, but I don’t drink coffee or sodas.

At yogidy this morning, I wasn’t into it.  I dunno if it is b/c my sleep was off last night or that I was running a bit late (and coming from the dentist, of all places) but I definitely couldn’t get my mind to quite down.  And twice I remembered Boom and I this summer (right after the tragedy) – and all the day trips we took and how good he was to me, and it brought tears to my eyes both times.

After this event, I am going to try to slow it down a little.  Sometimes I think whirling about it not way for me to be… about a week and a half left to go!!!

Combatting excess

To try to combat all the stuff that I have, I am going to try NOT to buy anything for as long as I can. Clearly, consumables (food / toiletries / etc) don’t count – I am just talking about stuff like clothes (ugh), shoes (the pain!), fabric (oh no!), gift wrapping supplies (not really?!), fabric / ribbon (but I love it all so!!!), art supplies, scrappin’ supplies, and so on. I love to prepare for projects, but when projects don’t get executed, all my crap starts to pile up… (I may need to make 1 exception – need some fabric to complete some throw pillows I have been talking about making forever – and I finally have the pillow forms…)

And, compared to some of the people that sew out there, my fabric collection is not really all that large. But it seems overwhelming to me and I just want to get it all under control. And use it up – and rediscover things I remember purchasing but haven’t seen in ages… For some reason, I have a real soft spot for ribbon -I could buy ribbon until the cows come home! And not to use for any particular reason, just b/c I like it.

(To Boom’s credit, he just looks at all my stuff and shakes his head.  He likes all my projects, but doesn’t really understand why I have so much stuff.  I have culled it down and little and reined it in some.  I guess I just have too many ideas and not enough time!  Like everyone else in the world…)

What brought this all on was I have a baby shower to attend on Sunday. And I have the gift (very cute! part is home made!) – but not the “right” boxes to put the gift in. So I was thinking I should go to buy some boxes today… but then I was thinking – that is such a waste, to buy boxes that (hopefully get reused) likely just get thrown away. And I have lots of gift wrapping stuff (other boxes, bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper, etc) so it is not like my gift will look like crap, but just not exactly the “vision” I had in my mind. Which may be good – for me to let go a little about the small things that in the end don’t matter all that much…

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. And how long it last… (clearly if there is a HUGE sale somewhere and not buying would be like LOSING mola, all bets are off) Wish me luck!

Al’s Bach Party and Flikr

Trying to use Flickr – the photo management website of choice for bloggers (as much as I can tell), but not working out well for me…


UGH – none of the code that Flickr provides works on this WordPress blog… highly annoying…

Anyway, trust me and go check out Al’s Bach Party photos! Too funny!

Rice Crust

After yogidy last night I went to dindin with Cubby last night at Can Can – a local French-esque restaurant.  I had an entree of all seasonal squashes with spinach and arugula – very yummy!  Boom had headed over to C’ville for interviews yesterday and he thought he was going to have to stay for dinner.  (Thus the reason I made dinner plans with Cubby even though I just got home Sunday night).  Anyway, because I went out, I told Boom to head up a frozen pizza I had picked up at the grocery store earlier on Monday.

As we all know, I am trying to lead a veg head lifestyle, and am up for trying different things.  So I got 2 Amy’s Kitchen pizzas – 1 with a rice crust and 1 with soy cheese.


Boom had headed up the rice crust pizza, and when I got home he was practically scraping his tongue – it was SO DISGUSTING to him.  I took a bit and it seemed ok to me, but I had just eaten a large meal, so perhaps my taste-buds were a little full already.  He had to put half of the pizza in the ‘fridge, claiming it was “too much” for him. and then he made himself a peanut butter sandy.

Anyway, I ate his leftover pizza today for lunch – honestly, I couldn’t tell that they were made from rice as opposed to wheat.  When I emailed Boom as much, this is how he responded:

Threw up in mouth.

What a little DB!!!!  I bet if I had heated it up without letting him see the box, it would have tasted just fine to him…  hmm, that will be a good test in the future…