As long as I have known Boom, he has had an unnatural (in my opinion) fear that I will develop carpel tunnel syndrome. I have never had any symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome, nor have I ever feared that I might be getting it. Because, in the past, I might have slept with my wrists folded towards my forearms, he is convinced that I will get carpel tunnel syndrome. I think he heard somewhere that carpel tunnel is caused by sleeping with your wrists in the incorrect position – so he has been forever telling me not to sleep that way (which I don’t anymore). Sometimes – in the past, not so much recently – when he thinks I am asleep, he has patted around to feel my wrists, and either has been satisfied that their position won’t cause me to immediately develop carpel tunnel syndrome or he has moved my hands to a better position for my wrists.

I know it is all very sweet, his heightened concern for my carpel tunnels (turns out, it is caused, in part, by sleeping with flexed wrists, and “women are three times more likely than men to develop carpal tunnel syndrome…”) but… seems like a lot of worry over something that I’ve never even exhibited any symptoms of!

We had a good chuckle over it last night – and it really brought back memories for as long as I have known him (since Nov. 1998!!!).


4 responses to “Carpels???

  1. Just think how bad you would have carpel tunnels today if I had not met you nearly 10 years ago and maintained a close watch on your sleeping wrist position. If we had never met I bet you would have permanently turned in wrists and would have to live with your mom or sis so that they could feed you. Thank your lucky stars for BOOM!!!

  2. yes, i do thank my lucky stars for boom… only a very SPECIAL guy could appreciate / tolerate me!

  3. BB never ceases to make me chuckle! I think he must have been a comedien in another life.

  4. Are you kidding me?! BB, the witch doctor . . . or something like that. T-bone, so glad you don’t have to wear ugly wrist bands.

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